Open thread, 18-24 March 2014

What happened to slatestarcodex and does anyone know if it's just temporary or something to be concerned about?

My hosting company got annoyed because something was taking up too many resources. I did what the nice person on the telephone suggested (installed some WordPress plugins, uninstalled others) and it's back online now. If the problem recurs I might have to restrict commenting for a while until I can figure out a more permanent solution, but for now everything's fine.

0ThisSpaceAvailable6yI checked the site, and got a 403. Is that what you're talking about? When did you first notice it? The latest Google cache is from Mar 18, 2014 17:37:21 GMT. [] etc.

Open thread, 18-24 March 2014

by David_Gerard 1 min read18th Mar 2014176 comments


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