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(The following are our suggestions for what kind of information is best to include in the welcome post of your group, feel free to replace them with whatever you think is best)

What kind of events does your group usually run? What does it usually do?

How frequently does your group organize events or meet?

Who would be a good fit for you group?

Should they have any particular skills or have done some specific background reading?

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EA Melbourne runs two socials a month, one at a cheap vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Melbourne CBD, and one get-together at a publicly run event. We also run a discussion group about various EA topics every 3rd Saturday of the month in Fitzroy, and will hold a bigger event every second month or so at a location appropriate for the event.

We welcome anyone who is interested in finding or discussing your views on the most effective ways to improve the world to come to our events and chat with our wonderful community. Since our events are often about philosophy, science, economics or rationality, anyone interested in these topics may find some events interesting without an interest specifically in doing good in the world.

Looking forward to hearing from Melbournians to meet you at our next event!