Does anyone else find ROT13 spoilers as annoying as I do?

You could post spoilers to something like Pastebin, and just link to the page on there. Or if Pastebin is too heavyweight, I could probably make a simple web site that lets you write in LW comment syntax, super-minimalistic, in about an hour. I'm trying to develop a habit of just jumping in and doing things, so let me know if you'd be interested.

EDIT: Okay, I made one.

Does anyone else find ROT13 spoilers as annoying as I do?

by nick012000 1 min read23rd Oct 201016 comments


Every time I come across one, it annoys me. I have to copy the text, open a new tab to the ROT13 site, paste the text, and click the translate button.

Compare this to something like a collapsable spoiler button-box where you press a button and it expands and expands a box with the appropriate text underneath it. Even making a [spoiler][/spoiler] tag that gave a black background and equally black text would be better than the current ROT13 solution.

Was there actually a reason for doing things this way? If so, why not just include the ROT13 translation in the javascript that'd open and close the textbox? Comments? Criticism?