2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey - Call For Critiques/Questions

I had this last time, and several people told me to take it off because it was bad to make people admit to illegal activities.

Also, for complicated reasons I can't do "Check as many as apply" questions, so this would take forever.

for complicated reasons I can't do "Check as many as apply" questions


4Sarunas5yYou could use randomized response method [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randomized_response] for this question or any other controversial question (for the type of questions that are technically feasible, of course).
4[anonymous]5yWell, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol are legal in jurisdictions most LWers come from, so you could at least ask about those.

2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey - Call For Critiques/Questions

by Scott Alexander 1 min read11th Oct 2014274 comments


It's that time of year again. Actually, a little earlier than that time of year, but I'm pushing it ahead a little to match when Ozy and I expect to have more free time to process the results.

The first draft of the 2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey is complete (see 2013 results here) .

You can see the survey below if you promise not to try to take the survey because it's not done yet and this is just an example!

2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey Draft

I want two things from you.

First, please critique this draft (it's much the same as last year's). Tell me if any questions are unclear, misleading, offensive, confusing, or stupid. Tell me if the survey is so unbearably long that you would never possibly take it. Tell me if anything needs to be rephrased.

Second, I am willing to include any question you want in the Super Extra Bonus Questions section, as long as it is not offensive, super-long-and-involved, or really dumb. Please post any questions you want there. Please be specific - not "Ask something about taxes" but give the exact question you want me to ask as well as all answer choices.

Try not to add more than a few questions per person, unless you're sure yours are really interesting. Please also don't add any questions that aren't very easily sort-able by a computer program like SPSS unless you can commit to sorting the answers yourself.

I will probably post the survey to Main and officially open it for responses sometime early next week.