What: A conference on developmental interpretability and singular learning theory.

When: 5-12 November 2023

Where: Wytham Abbey, Oxford

How: Apply now!

Edit: We're full! If you're still interested in hearing more about the content, following some of the talks online, or possibly attending for a day (because you're already in the area), fill in the form and message us separately on Discord.


We are pleased to announce the upcoming Developmental Interpretability Conference, hosted at the historic Wytham Abbey in Oxford from 5 to 12 November. This conference expands upon the 2023 Singular Learning Theory & Alignment Summit and provides an opportunity to learn about, and contribute to, singular learning theory and its applications to AI alignment, as outlined in the DevInterp Research Agenda. The conference program will recall the basics of Singular Learning Theory & DevInterp and will discuss the latest advancements.

Click here to apply! Space at the conference is limited, so be sure to apply early as applications may close when all slots have been filled. We hope to see you in Oxford this November!


What are the prerequisites? 

The conference will use ideas from algebraic geometry, Bayesian statistics and physics to understand machine learning and AI alignment. Although helpful, it is not necessary to master all these topics to productively participate in the conference.

In order to get the most out of the conference program, we highly recommend participants review introductory SLT material such as Distilling Singular Learning Theory by Liam Carroll. Participants may also benefit from watching several of the Singular Learning Theory & Alignment Summit 2023 lectures.

I am skeptical about some of the arguments for AI Alignment. Do I need to buy AI X-risk to attend this conference? 

We believe the development of superintelligent AI poses a serious risk for humanity and the DevInterp agenda aims to make progress on this problem. However, while making progress on AI alignment is the motivation behind our scientific agenda, SLT and developmental interpretability are of broad interest and we invite attendance from those wishing to learn more or contribute, on their own terms.

Do I need to have attended the SLT & Alignment Summer 2023 Summit to be able to attend this DevInterp Conference?

No, you do not need to have attended the SLT & Alignment Summer 2023 Summit to attend the DevInterp Conference. 

Do I need to pay to attend the conference? And how about lodging, food and travel costs?

The conference is free to attend. Lodging, food and transit between Oxford and the venue are all kindly provided by Wytham Abbey. Travel costs to Oxford are not paid for. 

Will you offer travel support?

The amount of travel support we can provide is TBD. Let us know in the application form if you are blocked from attending because of travel costs, and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I apply?

By filling in this application form.

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