It seems like one of the biggest problems* in AI Safety is that it is ridiculously hard to get good training (i.e. MATS is ridiculously competitive now) and employed (samesies).

Has anyone look across other categories (e.g. potential other sciences) to see how this problem has been solved? I assume at the most macro level it is going to be "Industry" vs "Government" but I'm looking for more concrete interventions.


*we're turning away very smart, motivated, well-meaning and skilled people. This is bad.

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This seems to be asking from the demand side ("we" being people with lots of money who want to hire trained people), but then switches to demand side (people being turned away looking for training and employment).  

I think that's a hint to your answer: other industries solve it by actually hiring lots of people, and offering training on the job or with regular programs.  Oh, and usually waiting for equilibrium to catch up, which is not comfortable for rapid-change requirements.

It would perhaps clarify your question if you gave some examples of industries/topics that HAVE faced and solved the question, and we can focus on the "how".