"That from power comes responsibility is a silly implication written in a comic book, but it's not true in real life (it's almost the opposite). "

Evidence? I 100% disagree with your claim. Looking at governments or business, the people with more power tend to have a lot of responsibility both to other people in the gov't/company and to the gov't/company itself. The only kind of power I can think of that doesn't come with some responsibility is gun ownership. Even Facebook's power of content distribution comes with a responsibility to monetize, which then has downstream responsibilities.

You're looking only at the walled garden of institutions inside a democracy. But if you look at past history, authoritarian governments or muddled legal situations (say some global corporations), you'll find out that as long as the structure of power is kept intact, people in power can do pretty much as they please with little or no backlash.

Open thread, Apr. 10 - Apr. 16, 2017

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