List of underrated risks?

You will completely forget around two hours of your life every single night if you don't learn dream recall. And that time will be largely wasted if you don't learn lucid dreaming.

(I know, there's lots of new age bullshit at that link, and in lucid dreaming generally. But no matter how much you cringe at the word "dreamsign", lucid dreaming is a very useful tool if you can spot and dismiss the garbage.)

I'm worried about schizophrenia and other nasty delusions. Should I be?

2Viliam_Bur8yCould you provide some examples about how exactly it can be useful? What difference did it make in your life? (Providing "insights" is valuable only if you really acted on them later.)
5TheOtherDave8yMy SWAG is that if I tried to recall every minute of the last 24 hours, I'd have a <10% success rate, and about 30% of what I did recall would be confabulated. If I tried to recall every minute of the last 240 hours, I'd have a <1% success rate. In that context, worrying about forgetting two hours I spend sleeping isn't really my highest priority.

List of underrated risks?

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As everyone here knows, it would be a stupid idea to switch from airplanes to cars out of safety/terrorism concerns: Cars are a much more risky means of transportation than airplanes. But what other major risks are there that many people systematically undervalue or are not even consciously aware of?

The same can be asked for chances.