In March 2020 contra dances, along with most everything else, shut down. For most of the time since I would have considered it irresponsible to hold a dance regardless of whether it was currently legal, but at this point I think holding dances with masks and vaccination required is reasonable. The risk to vaccinated attendees is very low, dancing is now fully allowed again, and since many much riskier activities are common opening up activities like this doesn't appreciably change the shape of the pandemic.

I've gone through all the contra dances on Try Contra, and categorized them by whether they appear to have resumed. It looks like ~26 out of 331 dances (8%) have restarted. Here's the list; let me know if I've missed any:

(The closest one to Boston is the Worcester dance, which I'm playing on Saturday. I've brought up re-opening with the BIDA board, but we do not have consensus to restart dances at this time.)

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