I would not be so optimistic. I'm not a huge proponent of the "Democratic way", but I don't mind it and think there are decent arguments for it, including instrumental ethical ones. (I believe that in a better universe people should only have the right to demand things from their administration without dictating who in particular would hold office, but I understand that it helps diminish abuse of power; on the other hand, opponents of democracy bemoan other kinds of such abuse, which they say democracy facilitates... all that, and I haven't even... (read more)


Would you be so kind as to link me to the relevant contents? Perhaps there is much to learn there, in a Nietzschean, thought-provoking way. Getting pissed off is a wonderful incentive to question things.

George Orwell's Prelude on Politics Is The Mind Killer

by [anonymous] 1 min read29th Mar 2012286 comments


I have found this most wonderful (if fairly lengthy) article, and thought you would enjoy having it brought to your attention.


It is so good, I think we should include it among the references in the "Politics is the Mind Killer" wiki page.  But, before that, I submit it to you, and ask you: is there anything in this article that would warrant its exclusion from this site? I mean, besides the fact that it is about politics, and written by a notorious Social-democrat (And is that in itself grounds for exclusion?).