Clearly, the Less Wrong community generally (unanimously?) agrees about a lot of major things. For example, religion.

The 2012 survey showed something around 10% non-atheist, non-agnostic.

My point in posting this is simply to ask you—what, in your opinion, are the most legitimate criticisms of your own way of thinking?

From most plausible to least plausible:

  • It's possible to formulate something like an argument that religious practice is good for neurotypical humans, in terms of increasing life expectancy, reducing stress, and so on.

  • Monocultures te

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See, but these are only arguments that religion is useful. Rationalists on this site say that religion is most definitely false, even if it's useful; are there any rational thinkers out there who actually think that religion could realistically be true? I think that's a much harder question that whether or not it's good for us.

Open Thread, May 1-14, 2013

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