I've changed my mind on a few big things recently, or at least clarified my doubts. Somewhere along the way, I noticed that the correct side (as I judge) on controversial issues tends to use evidence and careful logical argument, and the incorrect side tends to use indignation, invocation of taboos, straw-manning, and scoffing.

I find logical arguments more convincing than social authority, so a lot of the fact that the "correct" arguments use logos (logical argument) instead of ethos (social argument) could be selection. This explains the above, ... (read more)

How people form their opinions matters. The bottom-line-writing process, after all, is not "how do you defend your conclusions?" but "how did you form your conclusions?

In other words, not "what do we hear from X's towards non-X's in arguments?" but "on what basis do people acquire X views in the first place?" (We do not live in a world where these are equivalent. If they were, then all rationalists would automatically become perfectly persuasive speakers — which is not the case.)

When I think of a person becoming a feminis... (read more)

3beoShaffer7yNot quite the same thing, but the post as a whole made me thing of Yvian's Why I Defend Scoundrels part 1 [http://squid314.livejournal.com/333353.html] part 2 [http://squid314.livejournal.com/335286.html]. Edit-Fixed link.

Open Thread, December 16-31, 2012

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