Introducing Effective Altruist Profiles

Well, this is awkward.

I took the survey because of this subthread, and now I find that I have a profile in an effective altruist website.

Oh, what the hell. There are worse websites to have a profile in.

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in!" -

I'm glad you don't mind Jaime - I emailed you your login some time before this launch, so you can always delete any info you've decided you don't want to share after all. I assumed that most people who took the EA survey and also opted to make their answers public in the Donation Registry or EA Profiles would be effective altruists, but it's a good point that they'll have varying degrees of identification with EA.

Introducing Effective Altruist Profiles

by tog 1 min read3rd Oct 20149 comments


We’re excited to announce EA Profiles, a new community platform for effective altruists. There are already hundreds of profiles for you to browse from members of the community such as Peter Singer and Jeff Kaufman, full of interesting information like people’s favoured causes and charities, and the actions they’re taking to make the world a better place. And you can create your own right now!

The Profiles should serve as a virtual “Who’s Who” of EA - a place to see information about those who identify with effective altruism, and share what we’re doing to inspire and motivate others. They enable applications such as a map of EAs and a cause-neutral registry of past and planned donations, which we'll cover in a separate announcement. 

Individual members of the effective altruist community

Your EA Profile provides a natural, standard way to share your identification with the ideas of effective altruism and the ways in which you and people you know can do enormous amounts of good, from spreading these ideas to donating to highly efficient charities. We know that people can be slow or cautious about sharing this, but for familiar reasons think that doing so is highly valuable, spreading and normalising a focus on effectiveness and high impact donations. And making a Profile is a great excuse to do so: you’re sharing this information because we asked for it! You can then point people to it, potentially triggering interesting conversations with friends who might like to hear about the ways they can do the most good.

Many of the Profiles come from answers which people opted to make public in the first annual survey of effective altruists this year (still open if you haven’t taken it yet - it provides another way to create a full or partial Profile). Peter Hurford is currently working on analysing the survey results and will share them and the raw data from the survey soon, but for now the EA Profiles provide some of the most interesting results: public information on the inspiring actions that individuals are taking.

If you’re interested in building up this project, or working on other similar projects, consider looking into .impact, a coordinated volunteer force working on potentially high-impact projects like this one.