Why don't these writers post or at least cross-post on LW? I would really prefer that they did, for these reasons

  • It would give their posts more visibility and hence more comments and discussions. (I often learn more from the comments sections of a LW post than the post itself.)
  • I don't have to learn a new commenting system (get a new login and learn the markup/formatting, threading, and voting schemes).
  • I think the LW commenting system is generally better than that of any other blog I've seen.
  • If I comment on their posts, my comments can be backed up and searched along with all of my other LW comments.
  • I'm more motivated to comment (and to spend more effort on my comments) since my comments will be seen by more people, and I'm less worried about my comments disappearing when their blogs stop getting maintained.

Does it also have something to do with identity and affiliation? If so, maybe that's another reason to try to make people think of LW in less identity-related ways, or perhaps make the LW identity smaller / more inclusive somehow? (I don't know and I'd very much like to hear from one or more of these writers.)

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I wanted to make a few posts on my blog before linking other people to it (in case I bailed early, as part of the general pattern of doing things before talking about doing them, etc.) but I intend to cross-post most of my posts to LW discussion. (And I did link the blog itself to LW.)

5Tripe7yI rather like the idea of people creating separate locations without cross-posting. I'd hate to see the rationality community become tied to a single possible point of reputational failure.
2beoShaffer7yI find it interesting that several comments in the LW for Women threads, particularly those by Nancy Lebovitz [http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/fmt/lw_women_lw_online/8gzx] indicate support for a wider range of rationality venues.

Great rationality posts by LWers not posted to LW

by lukeprog 1 min read16th Feb 201356 comments


Ever since Eliezer, Yvain, and myself stopped posting regularly, LW's front page has mostly been populated by meta posts. (The Discussion section is still abuzz with interesting content, though, including original research.)

Luckily, many LWers are posting potentially front-page-worthy content to their own blogs.

Below are some recent-ish highlights outside Less Wrong, for your reading enjoyment. I've added an * to my personal favorites.


Overcoming Bias (Robin Hanson, Rob Wiblin, Katja Grace, Carl Shulman)

Yvain (now moved here)