Thanks for doing this, I meant to get around to it today and hadn't yet. But I'm glad I didn't, because you did a much better job. (Particularly coming up with the threading idea, that's a good thought.)

If we keep doing this, we should try to come up with a specific format and guidelines like the quotes thread has. For example, how should we handle duplicates? People will obviously have different recommendations about them, but should they be combined to an older thread that people probably won't see? Should people try to link to previous recommendations if they know something has been posted before?

Edit: Should books be divided into fiction and non fiction?


This should be an offspring of the Meta Thread.

January 2012 Media Thread

by [anonymous] 1 min read1st Jan 201254 comments


There was a recent discussion considering the idea of a monthly Book (later expanded to movies, links, etc) thread. The poll was pretty unanimous that this was A Good Idea (tm), so let's give it a try!

Post what you're reading or watching, and your opinion of it. Post recommendations to blogs. Post whatever media you feel like discussing!


I encourage minimal down-voting in the comments here, because this is a thread for sharing subjective experiences, and I would like people to feel comfortable posting their personal opinion without fearing a karma backlash. If you disagree with a person's recommendation, respond with a comment instead. 


I think this is a post that lends itself to comment trees, so I will start one with the categories: Books, Movies, Other, and Meta.

I am interested in hearing if you all think it's a good idea to separate out fiction and non-fiction. (So that the Book thread doesn't have Discworld next to Influence, for example. Or so the movie thread doesn't have documentaries interspersed with rom-coms or what-not)


Poster's Note: Wheee! I made my first working link on the discussion post writing interface! I can learn stuffs!