On Becoming a Great Alignment Researcher (Efficiently)

This sequence is on how to learn efficiently in order to become a great alignment researcher. I do not pretend to claim I am a great researcher myself, nor do I claim to have the best methods to become one, but I do hope this sequence at least marginally improves our ability to become great alignment researchers as fast as possible.

There are a lot of great lessons at the frontier of the literature and real-world practice on learning that go far beyond the typical methods (e.g. Anki) that a lot of people seem to use these days. The important part is being effective and efficient. Some techniques might work, but that does not mean it is the most efficient (learning the same thing more deeply in less time).

For myself, I hope writing these posts forces me to clarify my thoughts and continually improve my process for helping solve alignment. Once I am further along in this journey, I will also consider making a workshop series to help other alignment researchers.