The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a part of the United States Department of Commerce, has released a draft plan for public comment. It was released July 02; comments are accepted until July 19; the final plan is due August 10. It is 36 pages long, including the boilerplate.

This is the early phase of the regulatory process. Whatever the plan winds up containing, it will form an important part of future decisions made by the US government.

I strongly believe it is a good idea to provide safety-related comments during this and all future public comment windows. It is not clear to me what the most influential kind of comment would be, nor is it clear to me what the best perspective on safety would be for a standards board. This causes me to expect that comments running the gamut on safety would be desirable. The default answer when a significant public concern is raised seems to be "we see this is important and will look into it going forward" which also seems (to me) to be the most-correct answer at this time.

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An outline is provided in the next post in the sequence; I began it as a comment in this one, but it grew too long to be easily readable and comments are worse for reference purposes.

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