No-Nonsense Metaethics

Nov 22, 2017

by lukeprog

Years ago, I wrote an unfinished sequence of posts called "No-Nonsense Metaethics." My last post, Pluralistic Moral Reductionism, said I would next explore "empathic metaethics," but I never got around to writing those posts. Recently, I wrote a high-level summary of some initial thoughts on "empathic metaethics" in section 6.1.2 of a report prepared for my employer, the Open Philanthropy Project. With my employer's permission, I've adapted that section for publication here, so that it can serve as the long-overdue concluding post in my sequence on metaethics.

Heading Toward: No-Nonsense Metaethics

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What is Metaethics?

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Conceptual Analysis and Moral Theory

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Pluralistic Moral Reductionism

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Quick thoughts on empathic metaethics

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