base-line to enlightenment - the physical route to better

  • How do you use your body?
  • Does your posture feel good?
  • Are you tension-free?

Find your anatomical "Base-Line". The key to better physical and mental health.

Pelvic floor - "Base"

Rectus abdominis - "Line"

The body's core pillar of strength, from where all movement should originate.

Focusing on these muscles builds the connection between body and mind. Feeling the positioning of your body in relation to your Base-Line facilitates self-improvement of posture. Everything starts from Base-Line.

Learn to fully utilise the 5 main muscles of movement:

Pelvic floor and rectus abdominis

Think: stronger and longer with every breath in.

Use the roll-down action whilst activating and elongating your Base-Line to feel the power of these muscles, supporting the rest of the body.

Gluteus maximus and rectus femoris

Work in tandem, connecting the legs to Base-Line support. The rectus femoris muscles correctly align the hip and knee joints when fully activated.


A sheet of muscle from mid-back to the back of the head, shoulder to shoulder. Supporting the head and arms through a full range of movement when free of physical restrictions.

Anatomy of Alignment:

The linea alba, midline between the rectus abdominis muscles, from pubic symphysis to xiphoid process of the sternum. The primary anatomical guide for body alignment and balance.

The nuchal & supraspinous ligaments, midline between the trapezius muscles, our secondary guides for body alignment.

These structures should be able to align on the median plane. This is possible when the body has a full range of movement and is free of physical restrictions in connective tissues.

  • Look at the anatomy pictures & find the muscles on your body.
  • Can you feel a connection to them?

Develop your sense of conscious proprioception.

Increase your awareness of the sensory feedback from your body regarding your position, motion and balance.

Work towards a full range of natural movement and a balanced and aligned body. Releasing the physical restrictions that cause tensions throughout the body.

Feel the difference.

The physical route to enlightenment.

A do-it-yourself process.

All the information you need is here. The rest is up to you. Time and effort required.

Based in anatomical "fact".

I believe I know why so much of the world is in pain.

I am confident my theory will stand up to the severest scrutiny - if you have the curiosity enough to think about how you use your body.

It has been life-changing. From a depressed wreck to understanding the feeling of "enlightenment".