This page is intended to deliberately contain complete spoilers so as to avert the emotional impact for readers wishing to avert it.

During chapter 7, it is revealed that Luna Lovegood has been writing awful headlines about Draco Malfoy, toward whom Harry is currently acting in a friendly manner. Draco - rather to Harry's surprise - announces his intent to rape Luna as soon as he's old enough. Harry inquires further and finds that Draco is certain that the Lovegood family would be incapable of getting a conviction of Draco in the Wizengamot and, knowing this, would not bother prosecuting. Harry quietly resolves to overthrow the wizarding government. Draco seems to think that rape is a fun thing that young Slytherins get to do and invites Harry to join in when they're old enough, reasoning that no one would possibly believe Luna about it. Harry, thinking quickly, asks Draco to hold off on targeting Lovegood because Harry thinks he might marry her someday. Draco agrees.

In Ch. 11, an omake chapter (an omake is a non-canonical extra), it is suggested in one omake that Draco is secretly a 13-year-old girl who has raped Harry and then Obliviated him.