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Well I guess, to start one does not require that much conscientiousness, but to maintain one as the hero does.

I'm a high school graduate, if I had good grades I would study overseas provided that I got a scholarship since during the next two years my parents won't earn much money. However, I have terrible grades (global average score in the international program I did) so that's not an easy option. I have slowly been building my conscientiousness to a point where, instead of learning lots of random things that interest me, I can systematically pursue an academic goal. So there's the possibility of extending a mandatory gap half-year, to a gap year where in the second half of my gap year I take say AP exams.

How many rationalists live in Africa, and especially South Africa? I'm kind of surprised that there is no LW meetup anywhere in Africa, I would have guessed that at least South Africa or Nigeria are sufficiently developed and have sufficiently prevalent internet access to have one. Should somebody who has more conscientiousness than I do (at least for now) start one here in South Africa?

Yeah, the HoTT book doesn't have enough pictures and animations. The whole point of HoTT is that programs in type theory have homotopical content, that you can usually depict, at least for the very basics of the subject.

Would a series of posts explaining the basics of Homotopy Type Theory be well accepted here?

Hello everyone.

My name is Kabelo Moiloa, and I graduated from the Anglo-American School of Moscow three weeks ago. My deep interests are math, computer science and physics, in fact I might consider doing a series of posts here on Homotopy Type Theory, since I've been going through the HoTT Book. I first came to this website likely four years ago, so I don't remember well how it was. As I recall, I came here soon after I deconverted from Catholicism, and have found the discussions and content here fascinating ever since. For example, although I had already rejected theistic morality before reading the articles here, Fake Explanations allowed me to explain why. The idea that morality is, "intrinsic to the nature of God," is no more explanatory than "my confusion about this metal plate is explained by the phrase heat conduction." Additionally, the emphasis here on beating akrasia and achievement, lead me to pursue commitment devices, productivity systems etc., which have improved my ability to archive my goals, although unfortunately I only pursued these late in my senior year of high school. I was also exposed to Cognito Mentoring, which was quite useful.