I learn amazing things, and meet awesome people, and introduce them to each other. Principal Engineer in the OSPO at Amazon. I don't speak for my employer. Shape Rotator. Quiet Mind. Fan of good pens, fine paper, deep writing, home grown food, skilled work.


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Carefully arranged to bring all motion to a fully regulated stop forever.  Yeahno.

We could set up a "Bureau of Sustainable Research" so that technological advance does not outstrip equity in the economy. 

That's not an "article in Time".  That's a "TIME Ideas" contribution.  It has less weight and less vetting than any given popular substack blog.

Never say "no comment" because they will twist that around.

If they ambush you in person, tell them they seem very nice, but you are very busy right now, please get back to you tomorrow.  Tell them to email you at work or your official project email address.  And then close the door on them.

If they drive up onto your lawn or land or block your driveway, immediately call a tow company, and have them towed away.

If they email you, either ignore their email, or post it publicly, and then ignore it.

If you work for a corporation and they want to talk about anything about that corp, forward their email to your employer's press relations office, and again, never respond to the reporter.

One of the hard lessons of adulthood is, not only does Superman not exist, neither does Clark Kent or Perry White.  And they never did.