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Whither Moral Progress?

Maybe I had better not join the discussion, I just want to say that nearly everyone you will ever meet, they get something and they try to hold onto it for as long as possible, and all their actions are defined by this.

Also everyone will argue what they are hardwired for: sex and eating, till they turn blue.

Will As Thou Wilt

I would interpret this as the third option, and I would also disagree. You can manipulate others to want things/you and you can manipulate yourself, it isn't even that difficult. You can distract yourself at a critical moment for example (this works well when you are about to punch someone.) And then you won't need to anymore because the surge of anger is gone, although you might need to for other reasons.

The fourth is false as an interpretation, it isn't consistent with the sentence and I don't think it is what he meant to express either, the fourth would in fact be willing as you will. Whether he said it has no bearing on whether it is true though.

The first is trivially true, though false as a reading.

The second is the real bait, free will.