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I got the point of Eliezer's post, and I don't see why I'm wrong. Could you tell me more specifically than "for the reasons stated" why I'm wrong?

I didn't read your post carefully. I was wrong. Sorry.

@Mike Plotz:

I guess you missed the whole point of Eliezer's post. What you said is exactly wrong for the reasons stated!

Btw, routines are still the best strategy even if you want to have meaningful relationships. The routines are there to cover the first 10-20 minutes of a cold approach(where you and the woman are strangers to each others). After that you should have mutual attraction in most cases(that's where the randomness comes in and the importance of having a systematic winning strategy, see the post). Then it's the time where you drop the routines and can start having deeper conversations. It's called the comfort phase.

Btw, you shouldn't use routines in warm approach(where the woman knows you because she is in your social circle or introduced through friends). That's a different game.

The thing with cold approach is that you only have a limited timeframe(minutes) to create a positive impression. Think of meeting a woman in a nightclub or walking in the mall. You want to optimize this initial interaction to guarantee a chance to see her again. From 100 women you approach how many will find you attractive based on the personality you manage to convey in those few first minutes? A good pickup artist can have a success rate of 10% or higher. That's the art.

Great post! I think this answers one common debate in the Pickup Community: routines vs. no routines game.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about:

When approaching lots of women is it better to engage in spontaneous conversation with each and every one or to always use the same, tried and true material(canned routines)? Routines win!