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Well, I have to think there is some balancing act here. I do look at life a lot from an evolutionary standpoint, but a flock who listened to their leader, and he was 99% wrong, would not survive long; or the sequence has to start with crushing a homer, and then getting it wrong 99 times. Whats missing here is not fully setting forth the downside of one of the 99 bad ideas.

Or maybe because we survived the basic-needs Malthusian "filter"; that explains the "Moral Outrage"; possibly just outraged at too much information and supposedly "true" memes, and the ratio keeps getting worse. A market crash of the idea ratio. (stagnation or plucked low hanging fruit)

In the end, if you hew to pragmatism (survival and reproduction), you guarantee the Great idea/ to Bad Idea ratio is relatively solid and tested. The theory is we want stability, which just a touch of creativity. Society also allocates places with high-risk reward ratio...and we give them a PHD.