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Justified Expectation of Pleasant Surprises

Sword of the stars has a stochastic tech tree. For each technology there is a list of predecessor technologies that may lead to that technology, and each race has different chance of each of these actually enabling the following tech.

Engelbart: Insufficiently Recursive

PK: One big point that Eliezer is trying to make is that just "hacking away at code" without a much better understanding of intelligence is actually a terrible idea. You just aren't going to get very far. If, by some miracle, you do, the situation's even worse, as you most likely won't end up with a Friendly AI. And an UnFriendly AI could be very very bad news.

GenericThinker: A DSL might help, but you need to understand the domain extremely well to design a good DSL.

Aiming at the Target

The state spaces of both chess and go have to be expanded to include "previous history". In the case of go, this is to avoid the ko problem -- moves that would produce the exact same board state as a previous state are forbidden. Chess, well, see a chess rule book, or wikipedia.