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I have found that though the dying and the imminently bereaved won't go for it, they are nevertheless profoundly appreciative of the thought.

By even considering how lawyers observably change, it would seem that our idealistic young law student is already infected with the memplex of perspective. Nevertheless, nigh tautologically, the future offers new perspectives as yet unappreciated. After all, as for any question of memetic self preservation of integrity, you have it simply given as premise, that the greedy future lawyers are entirely honest with themselves. Actually, memes only exist in context of their medium, being culture, an ongoing conscious and social phenomena that governs even Axiology.

In the spirit of true Soft Science Fiction, it seems more plausible that once they gain understanding of human interaction, the Supperhappy would simply make a technological gift of their communications modality, and allow social change to take it's course. The end result might be much the same, with the Confessor feeling progressively the more alienated as events unfold.

As for the Baby Eaters, 1quite frankly, they'd likely be Sadists. There is plenty of precedent in Human societies, of Sadism as a value, one way or another. But that might pose a conundrum even for the Superhappy.