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Sorry I don't follow. What do you mean by starting assumptions and models that I should have more than one for each entity?

In your opinion what is a reasonable price to have a statistician write me a formula for this?

Is there any Android app that you would suggest?

I'm not a statistician, but I happen to have some intuitions and sometimes work out formulas or find them on the web.

I have a bunch of students that took a test each day. The test of each day had a threshold score out of, say, 100 points. Scores under the threshold are considered insufficient.

I don't know whether of the two is true:

  1. I can either use the tests to evaluate the students, or the students to evaluate the tests.

  2. I can evaluate the students using the tests and the tests using the students at the same time.

The option 2. seems counterintuitive at first sight, especially if one wants to be epistemically sound. It seems more intuitive at second sight, though. I think it might be analogous to how you can evaluate a circular flow of feedback by using linear algebra (cfr. LW 2.0 discussions).

Some other context: In my evaluation model I would rather not only consider whether the scores were sufficient or not, but consider how much they were sufficient or insufficient, possibly after opportunely transforming them. Also, I want the weights of the scores to decay exponentially. I would also rather use a bayesian approach.

Is this reasonable, and where can I find instructions on how to do so?

Catholic here. In regards to the Litany of Tarski, I can say that I want to know the truth since childhood, so I qualify. I have been given a 100% certainty (yes, 100%) that Jesus Christ is God and that ex-cathedra pronouncements of the Popes are true, so I draw my conclusions.