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Eluding Attention Hijacks

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Will reason ever outrun faith?

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I have Notes from Underground, but haven't yet read it. Would you tell me what impressed you in it?

I've read Meditations.

Many wise aphorisms and thoughts there. Would recommend it for tougher times, as with any other stoic in general. Don't read it when feeling incredibly happy, or you are bound to have your emotional state flatten.

This is the nth time someone recommends me Borges. Although I have never felt particularly attracted to his writings by sampling pages of his books, I am reaching some kind of irresistible threshold I am about to cross. Will read something from him.

Remarkable quote, thank you.

Reminded me of the **Anorexic Hermit Crab Syndrome**:

> *The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety. The ...(read more)

I would love to see an ongoing big wiki-style FAQ addressing all possible received critics of the singularity — of course, refuting the refutable ones, accepting the sensible.

A version with steroids of what this one did with [Atheism](

Team would be: - one g...(read more)

For survival skills, I'd suggest buying this one before the disaster, while there's still internet.

The argument that no one person in the face of Earth knows how to build a mouse from scratch is plausible.

Matt Ridley

I've had some dozens of viewquakes, most minors, although it's hard to evaluate it in hindsight now that I take them for granted.

Some are somewhat commonplace here: Bayesianism, map–territory relations, evolution etc.

One that I always feel people should be shouting Eureka — and when they are not...(read more)

P (H|E) = P (H and E) / P(E)

which tends to be how conditional probability is defined, and actually the first version of Bayes that I recall seeing.