A.D&D.Sci May 2021: Interdimensional Monster Carcass Auction

The "Mild Boar and Jungle Mammoth are just what the person from the Harsh Survivalist Ice Village calls pigs and elephants" speculation is hilarious and I wish I'd done that on purpose; I hereby retroactively declare it canon.

A.D&D.Sci May 2021: Interdimensional Monster Carcass Auction

 Regarding PCs & NPCs: My plan for handling the NPCs is pretty much as you said; if I end up needing multiple worlds, I'll make sure the human players are distributed as close to evenly as possible.

Regarding the premise: Being better at interdimensional travel than at regular teleportation produces some weird incentives. Also, magic-users are generally understood to be crazy; "that mage is doing something unusual!" is about as concerning as "that fire is hot!"

D&D.Sci May 2021 Evaluation and Ruleset

Thanks, yes, you're completely right; I wrote this for an older version of the scenario and forgot to change it. Edited now.

D&D.Sci April 2021 Evaluation and Ruleset

Your theory is correct. I had some sort of clever justification for why that made sense in-universe but I forget what it was; the Doylist reason was that I wanted the red herring in this puzzle to be as simple as possible.

The original generation code is up here if you want to take a look.

D&D.Sci April 2021: Voyages of the Gray Swan


(Good question, by the way; I added a note to the main post to clarify this.)

D&D.Sci April 2021: Voyages of the Gray Swan

Yes to the first question.

To the second: you can aim to reduce repair costs with your interventions, but since they won't come out of your budget that's more of an optional extra for further impressing the brass.

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