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you could use a tool like to track & notify about changes on
(To convert e.g. from mail notifications to RSS, you could certainly google another tool, maybe has something)

I guesstimate the deal is not negligible.

Input to my intuition:

a study identified over a hundred different strains of bacteria on dollar bills

Traces of cocaine can be found on almost 80 percent of dollar bills.

(source )

A powder called Glo Germ, meant to visualize germ spread, was still visible to the naked eye after 8 handshakes (but not 9) in an informal experiment by YouTuber Mark Rober. ( )

Pretty much deader than disco, but my inet-fu was able to dig up the following excerpts of the original article (from

“Too many people set goals that are simply unrealistic. Too big, they want it too soon, and they wonder why they don’t have any results in their life. What happens to a person who is consistently setting big goals that are outside of their scope, outside of their belief system, and they keep coming short of them? What kind of pattern does it set up in their mind? That sort of person starts to say, ‘Why do I bother with this goal setting stuff—I don’t ever achieve anything.’

“Set yourself a goal that is realistic, something you can see that isn’t too far and isn’t overpowering, not too far away, but at the same time, giving you a bit of a stretch, getting you out of your comfort zone. And once you’ve done that, and you’ve built your belief, you’ve built your power, then you set yourself another realistic goal, with another stretch factor. And once you’ve done that, another one. So it’s like a series of stepping stones, still getting you in the same direction, but having a staggered approach. Also, the wrong goal is something that’s too low. It doesn’t stimulate you, drive you, because you’ve done it before or you can do it or it’s simple. It doesn’t give you that drive, to give you that ‘take action step,’ to beat procrastination and help you as well.”

Also since I have evidently no life, I mini-doxed Sam in case someone would like to ask him whether he still has a copy of the whole article, lol:

But they could still use/ sell your address for spam that doesn’t work with a mail response, but clicking a link. (E.g. shopping for C1/\L|S.)

• Everett branches where Eliezer Yudkowsky wasn’t born have been deprecated. (Counterfactually optimizing for them is discouraged.)

"That which can be destroyed by being a motherfucking sorceror should be"

Brilliant!! x'D x'D

(This might make a good slogan for pure NUs …)

“Effective Hedonism”
“Effective Personal Hedonism”
“Effective Egoistic Hedonism”
“Effective Egocentric Hedonism”
“Effective Ego-Centered Hedonism”
“Effective Self-Centric Hedonism”
“Effective Self-Centered Hedonism”

why would anyone facing a Superhappy in negotiation not accept and then cheat?

The SH cannot lie. So they also cannot claim to follow through on a contract while plotting to cheat instead.

They may have developed their negotiation habits only facing honest, trustworthy members of their own kind. (For all we know, this was the first Alien encounter the SH faced.)

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