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Any exercise: generally bound to set length of time or distance (reps/lengths/miles/etc). Ideal lunch break fodder

Walk around block: not that interesting but a good break

Meditation: not as in-your-face restorative as exercise but still good

Cook something 

If co-working: organise breaks to chat (pomodoro or some other schedule). I find virtual co-working, ie video chat with friends or Focusmate/Ultraworking with strangers, is good really effective when working from home (more so with friends than strangers). 

Agreed on GS being on the opaque side! 

Best thing I've read is Language in Thought and Action by Hayakawa. I found it explained the concepts much more clearly than Koryzbski's writings. 

Drive Yourself Sane is meant to be an intro to GS and has good reviews. I can't remember much of it as read it >7 years ago, however I recall it didn't do as much for me as Hayakawa's book

This reminds me of the Ladder of Abstraction in General Semantics: moving up the levels of abstraction to talk about things in general, and moving down to clarify the details that make up each generalisation