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I'm generally interested in Math, Statistics, Computer Science, and Science, particularly Physics and Chemistry. I already have a good training in Math, up to some advanced undergraduate Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, and Modern Algebra, etc. My Science training, though, is very weak and I only have a passing understanding of Newtonian Mechanics. And I can program with some basic facility in Python. I'm always enrolled in some kind of a MOOC (right now, Intro Comp Sci as a refresher and a CompSci-esque Linear Algebra course) or reading this or that text, and I'm open to any sort of project that could expand any of these skills. I particularly like learning a subject both from a foundational (axiomatic, definition-theorem-proof style) perspective as well as with a focus on understanding, interpreting, and getting the philosophy behind something.

If anyone's interested in teaming up on a topic, I'd be happy to have a study partner so please do send a message.