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I haven't done anything to "abuse" the voting system, and you should retract your accusation because you have no evidence of that. I don't understand how my posts can gain so many upvotes in such a short time.

I haven't seen *The Martian* yet, but I find the reviews of it interesting. Why would a robinsonade set on another planet appeal so strongly to people, and especially now?

Well, we can feel the spiritual sickness of living in our world full of parasites and thought police. You have to learn how to ...(read more)

Apparently incel played a role in Chris Harper-Mercer's rampage killing last week. And he reportedly derived inspiration from Elliot Rodger's example last year. I suspect we'll see more of these guys because of all the media attention the previous ones receive, and the next incel mass murderer will ...(read more)

Transhumanism sounds like all fun and games now. But wait until an enhanced woman goes into the mountains, creates an ice castle with her superpowers and plunges the world into endless winter.

Dante Alighieri, *De Monarchia*:

>Ineffable Providence has thus designed two ends to be contemplated of man: first, the happiness of this life, which consists in the activity of his natural powers, and is prefigured by the terrestrial Paradise; and then the blessedness of life everlasting, which co...(read more)

From Augustine's *Confessions*, Book 11:

>What now is clear and plain is, that neither things to come nor past are. Nor is it properly said, "there be three times, past, present, and to come": yet perchance it might be properly said, "there be three times; a present of things past, a present of thi...(read more)

The recent propaganda about the wonders of sex robots has gotten me worked up because I consider the sex robot a **horrible** idea, and it leads me to worry about just how disordered the relationship between the sexes can possibly get. Young men need experience with sexual relationships starting at ...(read more)

Actually we have empirical evidence that women's premarital sexual adventures damage their ability to form stable marriages:

When our allegedly unenlightened ancestors shamed sluts, shunned bastard kids and married their daughters off ...(read more)

Roosh has posted essays about the classical literature he has read and thought about, which shows an openness to a philosophical view of life. That can overlap with spiritual thinking to some extent.