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The spirit of Seth Roberts lives!

Here's a randomized trial from JAMA showing more than 1000% increase in urinary BPA after consuming canned soup:

BPA used to be in a lot of plastics, but I think it has been phased out. Perhaps someone else can confirm or refute that.

Another source is transdermally through handling receipts. I've heard of at least one health conscious workplace giving their cashiers wooden tongs to handle the receipts. Best practice would probably be to email them instead. Saves paper too.

I would recommend against eating canned food to limit your exposure to Bisphenol A.

I would also not eat tuna every single day for such an extended period of time!

Curious where you got the USMLE questions. Are you able to share them?

Creatine will make you retain water in the muscles, which will make them look bulkier than they otherwise would.

Wow, how do you master Mandarin AND French with difficulties with akrasia & drive?

Nick Winter used a similar scheme (albeit with a towel) & found that not only did he get better at pullups, his 1 mile time & bench press improved as well!

Yes, I consider them outside the realm of morality. If a mentally disabled person committed murder, for example, he or she could not be held morally liable for their actions -- instead the parent or guardian has the moral & legal responsibility for making sure that he or she doesn't steal, kill, etc.

Feeding grain to cattle is an awful practice that needs to stop; the sooner, the better.

Re: grazing cattle, have you seen Allan Savory's TED talk?

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