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The claim that a school is ‘the safest place for our kids’ in a pandemic is grade-A Obvious Nonsense

I'm not sure about that. Covid isn't all that dangerous for children, and possibly a good portion of them would otherwise be in some unsafe kind of childcare.

Note that even if I’m allowed to get one, I don’t intend to get one if the peak has already passed.

Why is that? If I somehow make it through the next 4 months without getting Covid I wouldn't mind an other booster, to top up fading immunity and protection in case there is a more virulent Omicron-derived variant in the future.

A 2012 CFAR workshop included "Guest speaker Geoff Anders presents techniques his organization has used to overcome procrastination and maintain 75 hours/week of productive work time per person." He was clearly connected to the LW-sphere if not central to it.

Kids of dirt eating age will change their teeth in a few years anyway, so I think tooth-wear is less concerning.

I'm not sure I would call eating dirt a tenet of modern parenting. Most parents will stop their children if they see them eating dirt. It's more a question of how hard you try to stop them. 

Is Zvi actually claiming McAfee didn't kill himself, or are there more layers of sarcasm than I could get through?

I got a feel of this growing sunflowers last year. They got quite big, significantly taller than me. They died in autumn as herbaceous plants do, but as I cut them down I noticed the part where the stem meets the root was seriously woody. Like, I could have cut out a small piece and convinced someone it was a piece of wood.

I think it's worth throwing some shade on Joe Rogan, despite the overlapping ingroups.

Things i have wondered about this week:

  • The UK has vaccinated a larger share than the US, although America is catching up. Still, US states seem to be opening up to all adults very soon, while the UK is only going to 45+. Why is that? My current theory is that the UK has much higher vaccine take up among older people.
  • Why is Japan doing so few vaccinations? They could afford afford it and surely have the organizational capacity. Are they so confident that they can control the virus that they don't bother? Are kindly letting the west have the vaccine first since we clearly need it?
  • Are there factories out there that could be making COVID vaccine but aren't? In theory there shouldn't be because Pfizer, AstraZeneca, J&J and others should rationally be subcontracting to others to manufacture for them. Worldwide demand should be easily big enough to justify it. Yet I'm not sure. 

Do they think ‘oh the six foot thing was all a lie?’

I think everyone understood that six foot was not a magic line but a rule of thumb, and it can be relaxed now that things are better.

I didn't get the point about Walid Gellad's tweet. Is he someone I should recognize?

This looks sensible and will probably save you money compared to buying a car, as long as neither of you use the car very often. One option to consider is to have them keep full ownership of the car and you pay a per-mile rate. Employers pay a standard rate of $0.56 per mile when an employee uses a private car for work. This is probably a bit higher than true cost, but they are taking the risks of unexpected repairs and such. That arrangement would be easier to get out of if needed: You just stop driving it.

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