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However, Annie has not yet provided what I would consider direct / indisputable proof that her claims are true. Thus, rationally, I must consider Sam Altman innocent.

This is an interesting view on rationality that I hadn't considered

Omen decouples but has prohibitive gas problems and sees no usage as a result.

Augur was a total failboat. Almost all of these projects couple the market protocol to the resolution protocol, which is stupid, especially if you are Augur and your ideas about making resolution protocols are really dumb.

Your understanding is correct. I built one which is currently offline, I'll be in touch soon.

I found the stuff about relationship success in Luke's first post here to be useful! thanks

Ok, this kind of tag is exactly what I was asking about. I'll have a lok at these posts.

Thanks for giving an example of a narrow project, I think it helps a lot. I have been around EA for several years, I find that grandiose projects and narratives at this point alienate me, and hearing about projects like yours make my ears perk up and feel like maybe I should devote more time and attention to the space.

I guess it’s good to know it’s possible to be both a LW-style rationalist and quite mentally ill.

Not commenting on distributions here, but it sure as fuck is possible. 

I liked the analogy and I also like weird bugs

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