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Update on Kim Suozzi (cancer patient in want of cryonics)

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How do I "test it"?

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[Help] Critique my Admissions Essay on HPMoR

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In addition to safety and contact, another dynamic was that I was generally not S1 expecting much value to come out of Dragon Army, so chafing more within the system seemed like pain, effort, and time spent for little expected gain.

Stag hunts, anyone?

Edit: Though, I will note that it ...(read more)

> Many of the Dragons who stepped into the role of the Ghost for a time did so softly and gradually, and it never felt like this level of absence was Notably Different from the previous level, in a paradox-of-the-heap sort of way. Set a bar, and set a gradient around that bar, and stay in contact.

...(read more)

[These don't seem like cruxes to me, but are places where our models differ.]


a crux for some belief B is another belief C which if one changed one's mind about C, one would change one's mind about B.


A double crux is a particular case where two people disagree over B and have the s...(read more)

[Note: This comment seems pretty pedantic in retrospect. Posting anyway to gauge reception, and because I'd still prefer clarity.]

On honest businesses, I'd expect successful ones to involve overconfidence on average because of winner's curse.

I'm having trouble understanding this application of ...(read more)

Just finished. I'm sure my calibration was terrible though.

[Hello Internet]( is a fun "two guys talking" podcast made by two popular youtubers including CGPGray, the guy who made [this great video about the future of automation and employment]( Low (almost no) informational content, ...(read more)

There is also the possibility that sex would not have happened anyway but brining it up that that was your intention made them want to distance themselves from the situation. And the possibility that it would have happened if you hadn't asked but only because the flirty/touchy behavior was leading ...(read more)