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What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

I'm aware that it's important but I consistently fail to do implement as habit. I tried different approaches (notebook, journal on computer, one of those thousands of productivity apps on phone/tablet/watch etc) but nothing sticks.

What frame of mind do you use to remind yourself that is worth it every morning?

(Also I'm very drowsy in the early phases of my mornings)

Speed & Performance is our current top priority

Thanks for your work.

I don't know where or how to put it properly -sorry- so I'll throw it here:

You'll probably already know Hypothes.is which is a way to annotate the web.

What are your thoughts about it? I was starting re-reading the Sequences here, but as soon as I started highlighting on my new device, I realized that I already had highlighted sentences or major points.

I went back to find that "annotate all the web" I remebered reading some years ago.

I think I'll personally give it a try. I'm in no way related to them.

There is also a version for a website https://web.hypothes.is/for-publishers/#embedding in place of the user installing the web-extension, fyi.

Hope to hear from you about this problem. Best! :)

Announcing the Complice Less Wrong Study Hall

Thanks, when I checked out your link it wasn't open for guests and now I'm happy it is. I can see how can be terribly helpful using complice full stack, but even as guest, it is still pretty functional and nice. Well done ;)

2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Done :)

EDIT: and +1 to everyone. It took me more doing that than the survey :|

One Year of Pomodoros

Just release it as what it is now. Pretty please.

Roles are Martial Arts for Agency

Yeah, but the weak point is how to realize that a model switching is needed in that very moment.

Rationality Quotes April 2014

We are out of it, so we can bitch about ;-).

Call for volunteers: Publishing the Sequences

What happened to the intent of this post? Do you still need proofreaders? Count me in, in that case.

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