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Exactly what I was thinking while I was reading this! Perhaps the example used isn't a good one.


(Just started reading the articles here, and not a native English speaker)

I'm most often a really ineffective thinker, who uses 'Type 1 processes' going by the LW terminology, I guess. Recently I decided to give more focused thinking a try. Then it dawned on me that my mind was filled with a lot of thoughts, and decided I'll identify them and address each of them. I articulated each thought, and classified it into one of the 3 : (1) It's clearly irrelevant/trivial and not worth spending time thinking about (2) It is worth addressing, but since not a priority now, will park if for later; (3) It is worth addressing right away- and once I've given it enough evaluation-- either (3a) I'll be satisfied with a temporary 'solution' based on my current understanding of the problem, and I'll keep it parked or (3b) I'm largely satisfied with my understanding of the problem, the solution (and action points), though I'm ready to rethink on receipt of new information. I took my time and did this for each issue raised by my mind, till there was no issue left.

The immediate effect of this exercise was that it CLEARED MY MENTAL RAM and my mind felt empty-- ready to take up something new. And, whenever I got reminded of an already 'addressed' problem after this, I was immediately reminded of the 'conclusion' I reached through above mentioned process, and the mind was clear.

The challenging aspect here, is that its difficult to have the level of awareness to get into this mode and execute this exercise and not get carried away by the next thought, which is the norm, at least for me.

Now, I don't know almost anything about probability and very less formal logic, and therefore lack much of the critical 'mindware' necessary to form the most right beliefs and take the best decisions-- that's why I'm here in LW for.

Looking to hear your thoughts on this.