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How to deal with someone in a LessWrong meeting being creepy

There's already the option of doing this through alternate accounts.

CFAR website launched

The "FAR" keeps pushing me into far mode and then the red color keeps pulling me back into near mode. It's like a Stroop task!

New "Best" comment sorting system

Apologies — I should have taken reinforcement into account and noted that the new algorithm is probably still a lot better than the previous one.

New "Best" comment sorting system

Ironically, it appears the new algorithm is frequentist.

Glenn Beck discusses the Singularity, cites SI researchers

I see it as being like the Chuck Berry scene in Back to the Future.

Glenn Beck discusses the Singularity, cites SI researchers

Beck is a Mormon, and Mormons generally seem a lot friendlier to transhumanist-type ideas than standard Christians.

A plan for Pascal's mugging?

Sure, I don't see anything here to disagree with.

Raising safety-consciousness among AGI researchers

The problem of locating "the subjective you" seems to me to have two parts: first, to locate a world, and second, to locate an observer in that world. For the first part, see the grandparent; the second part seems to me to be the same across interpretations.

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