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When Money Is Abundant, Knowledge Is The Real Wealth

I think you are having the wrong idea about money. No one in the world has stated money can solve every problem but people still write about this for no reason. Also the people who write about this aren't that rich either. They write as if having more money is a bad thing and doesn't help anyone.

Sure if you had only money can you cure cancer? Nope. But what if you knew how to cure cancer but don't have the money to set up the machines or make medicines? Your knowledge here will be useless.

Money can solve a lot of problems knowledge cant. Imagine your mother is in the hospital and requires an immediate surgery that costs around 100,000 dollars. Would you prefer having the knowledge to cure it or have the money to treat it?

Money can help you set up 100 schools and teach around 100,000 kids. How is having some knowledge going to fair here?

Money can feed 100,000 homeless people everyday. How is having some knowledge going to tackle this?

Money is like a car but people also want it to fly and go underwater and it cant, so they think its useless.