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Yes but the term "psychological unity" is about hardware. Neurodiversity in terms of magazine selection does not necessarily have a genetic link even though it will show that we are neurodiverse. Difference in magazine selection can lead to a difference in what one believes X implies.

I've been lurking since early OB. I am not here due to being Singularitarian but I've been using this site since I was in high school and through college to help keep myself from being a charlatan in any intellectual endeavor. I find that it takes regular reminders and dedication to not extend past the limits of my knowledge, and both OB and LW continually help to fine-tune my internal sense of "what I don't know."

To give a bit of a frame of reference, I'm studying social sciences and my specific problem domain is Educational Psychology and I'm interested in finding out how to render a subject into a receptive state for new information when they are dismissive. I'm still fairly early into my college track, so I haven't narrowed in any more than that, but I have my sights set on grad school.