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The Relevance of Advanced Vocabulary to Rationality

1 min read
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I was going to reply to your direct examples, but an overarching response seems more appropriate.

I am not saying we should not medicate, as you seem to think. As a long-term psychiatric patient and the wife to another, I have seen the enormous benefits medication for depression can bring. I am say...(read more)

I think that the tricky thing is that a psychiatrist has to put statistics into perspective on two sides of the equation - both in regards to the medication, and then in regards to the diagnosis/presentation of the patient. In a nutshell, we diagnose patients based on their behaviour, not their brai...(read more)

I've read quite a few of the articles here, and something that seems commonly mentioned but never really acted upon is the idea of the [rationality dojo]( I understand that a key point in Eliezer's opinion is the in-person element, but look...(read more)

I don't have the technical skills to do this, but I would suggest something like this:

1. Find sources where you *would* find things of interest to you, if they were happening now. 2. Create a tool (or script or something) to scrape their "events" page at regular intervals and then sorts that data,...(read more)

I agree. I think most people just want to talk at you, not with you, when they're determined to win, and very few people would ever follow a conversation the way Socrates' opponents do in Plato's works.

I think this happens because it takes skill to accept being wrong. I know this has essentially been mentioned on LW before (my most recent reading was in [MrMind's comment on the 5 Second Level](, but I don't think most people have learnt that skil...(read more)

I don't know if this helps, but I felt the same way, and took the Mensa entrance test to find out my IQ. Turns out that they don't actually give you the results, just tell you if you've entered ... and at the moment, that's satisfied my desire to know without feeling unhappy it's not high enough.