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Lol remember when I hinted at you to get the booster at Future Forum? [not that I cared that much, but just a #remindme thing that was relevant]

I was the most conscientious person in school (had high grades) and school burned me out SO MUCH that I developed permanent ADHD/burnout after. The thing that happened to Qiaochu Yuan also happened to me. School is the most toxic abusive thing ever, and it's a travesty that people continue to defend it for dumb reason.

1517 fund (Medici fund) is supportive of these people. It has a discord and is generally very "anti-school". Danielle Strachman and Nick Arnett are very understanding (and approachable) of these people.

Hack Club is also a source of them. I know some - like - who are trying to craft an alternative path.

I helped fund one ( ) to SF at age 16, upon which he immediately dropped out of his University of Washington early entrance program to join a new Thiel Fellow at his new startup.

If you know of any disillusioned teenagers, contact me and I can try to set something up (I've liberated more than one). I have some track record of turning people into Thiel Fellows. :)

Another rising star in this demographic is .

I just read these essays!! They almost read like a new Bible - they give SO many lessons on what's moral, what's important, etc.. and they're way more readable than the average lesswrong essay!

My guess is that rejuvenation of the rest of the body [esp kidney/liver] will probably give the brain an extra 2 decades  [but this is an imprecise estimate].

who almost certainly have incurred more DNA damage than average

This is unclear - one-shot DNA damage can upregulate Nrf2/genetic repair, and does not recursively damage DNA the way transposons recursively damage them.

I have a HIV-positive friend whose epigenetic age is 6 years younger than his real age. I wonder if his antivirals helped...

What about in neurons/post-mitotic brain cells?

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