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Also, I didn't even realize there are people out there who can still use proper English. Actually, your command of English is so incredible, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what you're saying. In my defense it's not my first language.


Recently in school, we were asked to rate our attributes and social skills on a scale of (0-5 ) For example are we good with other people, are we understanding etc. We were also asked about our self esteem. I put down 3- meaning average( Big, fat lie) I used to have high self-esteem, I never cared much of what others thought of me. But for the last few years I've been put down so much, I'm surprised I can still smile. Last year was especially tough. I went through horrible stuff and ended up having to see the school councilor. I was depressed almost every day so I didn't talk much to my friends. Funny enough they never asked what was going on. At end of the year I had a fight with one of them and the rest of them stopped talking to me this year. But to be honest, I doesn't bother me one bit! Oh right I forgot to say I don't get emotionally attached to people.Ever. What's up with that? Anyway, after we filled in the sheets we were instructed to pass them to someone who knows us best. I ended up giving mine to a Spanish student I recently befriended. To my bewilderment she changed my self-esteem to number 2=meaning poor! And she barely knew me. I guess it wasn't hard to notice I don't socialize with people much, unless I have to. It opened my eyes. What the hell am I doing? It's scary that I lost who I am and now I'm idly letting my life go by. Thanks to your article I will work to gain all the confidence I lost. Wow I sound like such a sad person, don't I? I still go out with people- ehmm sometimes. I give up, I'm sad. Next year I'm moving to Canada, so at least I have a chance to start out fresh. Go me!