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My 4th grade teacher is teaching my class how to write poetry, and this is one of the poems that I wrote:

Where am I?
What is this place?
Is it the darkness of night?
I heard screams
and then I was here
Here, as in nowhere

This place was not nothing
it was less than that.
I didn’t see nothing,
for I had nothing to see with
I didn’t hear nothing,
for I had nothing to hear with

I didn’t feel nothing,
for I had nothing to feel with.
I had slept before, but nothing like this

Was Grandma here?
Did she meet this fate too?
I couldn’t know, for
I had nothing to know with
Even if she was here,
she did not exist for me

They said I would go to the land of the clouds
they said nothing of this place
Even the eternal flame would be better than this
for there they had warmth
and I had less than cold

Why would
want this fate?
The final sight,
and then less than nothing

I want to see the world

I must respect you before your insults matter to me.

Brandon_Nish Concerning Cyberbullying

In my small fourth grade class of 20 students, we are learning how to write essays, and get to pick our own thesis statements. One kid, who had a younger sibling, picked the thesis statement: "Being an older sibling is hard." Another kid did "Being the youngest child is hard." Yet another did "Being the middle child is hard", and someone else did "Being an only child is hard." I find this as a rather humorous example of how people often make it look like they're being oppressed.

Does anyone know why people do this?

I will repeat part of the number out loud and memorize another part of the number. Then, when I recall it, I string the two together.

Vsauce is a great youtube channel for kid's education.

My dad(I'm only 10) has had me do Dual N-Back programs for quite a while, since I was about 5.

What I did was start from 9 digits, and once I mastered that, I moved up one digit. Yes, I do recall the number still.

I memorized a 20-digit number in under a minute, then repeated it forward, backward, and forward again, and lastly repeated it while adding 1 to each digit.

Thanks! I'm the 3rd scenario in my case, and I joined that Brilliant website. It seems to be helpful so far. I do have to participate in classes where I know everything, so what I'll end up doing most of the time is having my dad send me to school with special math worksheets that are at my level that I can do during math class.

I already have some Martin Gardener books, and will be ordering more, as you are not the only person who recommended him.

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