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This approach reminds me of the six-sigma manufacturing philosophy which was very successful and impactful in improving manufactured products quality.

Worth adding that the ability to work hard and delay gratification is a privilege, Self-control seems to be 60%[1] heritable (and let's not forget that people also don't choose in which environment they grow up which probably accounts for the other 40%)

In a way, it's privilege all the way down.

Why is it better to wake up at 3 am compared to 6 or 7 am?

There is research that claims that suffering might serve as an honest signal to get help from your group and that humans suffer more than other animals due to this reason.

you might have taught your system 1 that emotional suffering is useless for signaling purposes and it stopped using it.

If it's true it could be an extremely impactful and even groundbreaking intervention.

Interesting post, would love to hear your opinion about my suggested alternative to EMH, I don't see anything in your post that contradicts it. But i'm having a very hard time accepting the idea that you can't beat the market using public data and infinite amount of computing power.

I didn't know about it. Large spread in Indonesia definitely weakens the climate theory.

Both some German cities and New York are listed as potential cities to be under increased risk soon (see the last image at the post) - they actually have pretty similar temperature/humidity profile.

The potential confounders you listed are also relevant to very cold places (northern Europe/Canada) and it seems they are currently less affected.

I agree with the objection regarding Seattle. But I don't think that a situation as bad as in Iran or Italy would go under the radar, the hospitals there are flooded with COVID patients that show the same symptoms over and over and even in the extremely censored China this kind of information eventually leaked.
Spain is only x2 compared to the US right now and this could easily be explained by under testing and proximity to Italy.

Why Iran and Italy and not Thailand and the Philipines?

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