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The main place I think the model breaks down (though still in broad strokes looks correct) is in the Role of the Sperg. The high functioning autistic is painted as the Über-Ant, but, as you mention, the independent world model is very much return-to-monkey. But it seems that this undermines the whole Archetype of the Autist: a being that, unlike normies, has not balanced its Ant-Monkey nature. Normie hypocrisy seems to be the standard way of balancing it, increasing social prowess at the cost of accurate world models. Might not autismo minor be yet another balancing act, earnestly accepting the ideas of the ant, yet with the agency and independence of the monkey, sometimes even controlling the ant? They endure the opposite set of trade offs.

The whole bit about post-LotR narratives is interesting and troublesome... as is the epilogue. The hopeful part of me believes that in the long run, humans with good epistemics will tend towards noble values. The open attitude of questioning that seems to promote good thinking seems to also undermine the acceptance of cruelty. But I am not so rosy-eyed as to think that this is inevitable.

Hi, I'm Alexander. I'm going to university for computer science and an interdisciplinary honors program in the fall that includes formal study into logic as well as literature, physics, and philosophy. My main interests include AI's present and future states, ethics, science, and improving my rational capabilities as a method of further pursuing truth. I'd like to also find effective outlets for altruism. I look forward to dialectics to be had here and to hopefully have some beliefs changed.