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I'm a donor interested in giving money to AI safety work, on the order of $100k-$1M right now and possibly more in the future. Are you looking for donations or do you know anyone who is looking for donations?

Why wouldn't you just leave the whole package sitting around for 9 days in a warm place? Then any virus on both the outside of the package and whatever is inside would be killed by then.

Hi, I have another few questions I'm interested in to help understand my own risks from the virus:

  • What's a good estimate for the percentage of the US population infected, right now?
  • What is the likelihood of transmission inside the home (i.e. if one of my family members gets it, what's the chance that I will get it?) What things can we do in the household to reduce this probability?
  • I'm concerned about the possibility that if I get it, there won't be hospital beds available. Would it make sense to, at the first sign of symptoms, get on a plane to somewhere like Hong Kong or Singapore (or maybe Canada if things are better there) where things are more under control? That way there will be beds available if I need them. (Or maybe even do that preemptively, now?) Is that idea just totally crazy? (Money is no object)

I'm currently in an apartment in Washington, DC living with one other family member. I have decided that I want to self-quarantine completely (i.e. no leaving the apartment, deliveries only), and the other person is saying that they are willing to mostly quarantine (i.e. work from home, no trips to the store, etc.) but they aren't willing to refuse to go outside.- they want some fresh air. Is there a good way of modeling the risk associated with just going outside and walking around? And of the family member then giving it to me? I do have another place to go all by myself but I would rather be with my family and I'm trying to get a sense of what the additional risk is.

I'm 32 years old and most concerned with the idea that I will get infected and the hospitals will be filled up so I won't be able to get a spot. I almost think that the safest place to be right now is somewhere like Hong Kong, South Korea, or Singapore, that's already contained their outbreak? Should I just get on a plane right now to one of those places? (I can easily afford the ticket)